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Independent Schools
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As you all know that education is the base of bright and succeed life that makes us a good citizen. It is the reason that people search a best kind of school to their child. There are different kinds of schools; Independent schools are one of them. Escape the independent schools or private schools there are many kinds of schools such as preparatory schools, public school, girls schools, boys schools, boarding schools and many of other.

Independent Schools

If we talk about the independent schools in US countries then it is not easy to get admission in US Independent schools. If you are looking for a US independent school for your child then it is more important to prepare your child to qualify ISEE known as Independent School Entrance Exam. This Independent School Entrance Exam is very hard to qualify but also more important to get admission in US Independent Schools.

Here are some tips to prepare for US Independent Schools Entrance Exams/ SAT that are really helpful to qualify the exam.

The large section of marks depends on the vocabulary and comprehension skills. Some students do not take it section seriously they tend it lightly with comments and at last they get low marks in this section, so it is more important to have enough knowledge of vocabulary and also for comprehension skills. Go improve your vocabulary you should read news paper and bestsellers are designed and edited to please the masses that is not all college educated.

Read older books and editions to get more knowledge for vocabulary, try to remember writers of the stories.

Another simple tip to prepare for the ISEE/SAT Independent School Entrance Examinations is to read a dictionary. It is a better suggestion that several students find this hilarious, but it is down right practical way to learn large words having their meaning in a short span of the time and off course, you can do better for ISEE/SAT.…

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